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Insomnia lyrics


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        I only smoke weed when I need to
    And I need to get some rest
    Yes, where's the sess, I confess
    I burned a whole in the matress
    Yes, yes it was me I plead guilty

    And at the count of three I pull back the duvet
    Make my way to the refridgerator, one dry potato inside
    no lie, not even bread, jam
    when the light above my head went bam

    I can't sleep somethings all over me, greasy, Insomnia please release me
    And let me dream about making mad love on the heath
    Tearing off thights with my theeth
    But there's no relief, I'm wide awake in my kitchen it's black and I'm lonely
    Oh, if I could only get some sleep
    Freaky noices make my skin creep
    I need to get some sleep
    I can't get no sleep!

    I can't get no sleep, no no
    I can't get no sleep, no no

    I can't get no sleep
    I can't get no sleep
    I can't get no
    I can't get no
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